About Trisha

Trisha Sanders is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in professional practice for seven years, with an additional seven years of experience working
with young people and their families in the social services field.  She has practiced in various settings, including schools, outpatient substance abuse facilities and mental health programs.  Her specialty is in working with children, teens and young adults who have experienced some kind of trauma, including sexual abuse, physical abuse, witnessing domestic violence, loss or divorce.  In addition to “talk therapy”, she utilizes expressive therapies, such as play, art and sand.  Trisha loves working with young people because she feels there is nothing more rewarding than helping children and adolescents grow up to be healthy, happy and successful adults!  She writes for the column, The Rollercoaster of Adolescence on the ABC’s of Parenting and is just about to launch her own blog, The Culture of Parenting. Trisha has a private practice in Westwood, New Jersey and is currently accepting new clients.